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Marshal Manlove, Certified Hypnotherapist

Considering Hypnosis?

Consider this…

I primarily earn my living on stage as a Comedy Hypnotist. As a certified hypnotherapist in Delaware, I do also help people with certain issues and concerns. My goal as a hypnotherapist is simply to help people.

Hypnosis can, on occasion, seem like a magical cure. During the course of my career I have seen people quit smoking, who didn't even want to quit, after simply saying one sentence to them while hypnotized.

But this is not hypnocure, its hypnotherapy. For the majority of people in the population this process requires multiple sessions either in person or on tape.

The science behind breaking a negative habit and creating a new habit (hopefully positive, of course) is to do something different every day for at least 21days. With food issues think double that amount of time.

With hypnotherapy we have people use a hypnotherapy session every day for that period of time. One can choose live sessions, a combination of live and taped sessions or taped sessions. The combination of live and tape provides the most effective approach.  The reason it is that way is because we can alter the necessary scripting in a live session to accommodate changes in people's lives throughout the process or change them according to additional information that we learn about a client during the treatment period.

What happens after that period of 21-42 days, you may ask? Hopefully you are then on the right track. But now answer this question; "Do you think it reasonable that there might be a possibility that you have a craving or an urge to use or do something that you changed or fixed?"

Suppose the holidays are approaching and you are a notorious overeater. Six months ago you went through hypnotherapy and lost a lot of weight. What do you do? We have suggestions for that. If you have your weight loss hypnosis recordings, you listen to them. (If you don't have them visit the Hypnostore) They are like having a bottle of aspirin with you in case you get a headache. 

We also suggest continuing forward with monthly group sessions. These are designed to give people an inexpensive way to keep fresh suggestions planted in their minds or to simply kick start the mind on a regular basis. We have created our Personal Growth Centers just for this purpose. Think of them as a club at which you can recharge your mind, talk with others and make new friends (if that is something desirable,) hear new ideas and take advantage of other opportunities to improve other areas of your life. 

For those who live near the New Castle County area of Delaware our first Personal Growth Center is now open.
We are currently offering the following group sessions:

Quit Smoking (For those who have already quit and just want the provided boost)
Weight Loss (For those who have already had an initial session and are on a continuing path.)
Performance Enhancement
Stress Reduction

Currently the PGC is run on Tuesday night in Newark, DE. Sessions alternate with Performance Enhancement and Stress Reduction held every other week. These are open to those who have not had a specific initial session as well as those who have. 

We suggest that for the best long-term effect that you choose a 6-12 month membership. These are obviously much more cost effective as well. You can choose to come whenever you wish without a membership. The session fee is $50 per session for single visits. 

Contact us at for more information about the schedule and the membership fee schedule.

Coming soon to Baltimore and Philadelphia.


Give the gift of Change for Christmas this year.

Purchase a First State Hypnosis Gift Certificate. 
Initial session certificates are $100. 

The Three Weeks to a New You program certificates are $250 (includes four sessions and follow-up material)

E-Mail us at to order

Are you with a company which has a large group of employees interested in stress reduction? Performance enhancement? Weight loss? Smoking cessation? Give First State Hypnosis a call to make arrangements for a group hypnosis session at YOUR location.

Call 302-547-4645 or email  

As always, individual sessions are scheduled by calling 302-547-4645. Appointments CANNOT be made via email.

What Can Hypnosis Do for You?


· Stop Smoking without side effects

· Reduce weight comfortably

· Improve study skills

· Effectively deal with stress

· Conquer fears and phobias

· Overcome bad habits

· Improve sports performance

· Develop new skills

· Increase job performance

· Increase self-esteem

            · Much, much more

            · Call for consultation to see if hypnosis is for you. Sessions range from $75-$150 in New Castle County, DE. Group discounts are available.

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338 Tamara Circle, Newark, DE 19711
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